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Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Mt. Prospect Paint, Inc. is proud to offer Hunter Douglas window treatments. Below is a summary of the most popular Hunter Douglas window treatments offered as well as simple 1-2-3 steps on how to choose the right window treatments for your home, from the Hunter Douglas website.


Silhouette Window Shadings


Unlike any other product on the market today, Silhouette window shadings, with the Signature S-Vane, give you the ability to transform light into gentle, diffused beauty.

Style. This unparalleled elegance is versatile enough to complement any window in your home. And our full palette of colors and variety of sizes and fabrics allow for limitless design possibilities.  

  Luminette Privacy Sheers  

Luminette Privacy Sheers were created to completely manage the light in your home.

Style. Our graceful folds recall traditional draperies but with a lighter, softer feel. And our sheer fabrics are made of 100% polyester which means greater durability and easy care. 
    Nantucket Window Shadings 

Nantucket window shadings afford a casual beauty that allows you to gently filter and diffuse outside light.

Style. With a variety of casual fabrics and enticing colors to choose from, Nantucket window shadings fit comfortably with today's lifestyles. 
    Pirouette Window Shadings 

Create harmony in every room with Pirouette window shadings, an innovative product that combines the personality of a classic fabric shade with the ability to control light in an entirely new way.

Style. Pirouette shadings come in three fabric styles, two vane sizes and a total of 44 fabric/color combinations. All are available in both semi-opaque and room-darkening variations. 
    Vignette Modern Roman Shades 

Vignette Modern Roman Shades, the most fashionable alternative to the Roman shade, combine the look of a fine drapery with the ease and convenience of a shade.

Style. Distinctive woven fabrics bring rich texture and color to every window. Vignette shades come in semi-sheer, translucent and room-darkening fabrics in two fold styles and three fold sizes. 
    Duette Honeycomb Shades 

Duette shades were the world's first honeycomb shades and are still the most sought-after. And for good reason. Four different kinds of fabric opacities - from sheer to fully opaque - give you the light control and privacy options you've never dreamed possible.

Style. Duette shades come in an extensive wardrobe of fabrics and textures with a remarkably wide spectrum of colors, from the softest neutrals to exquisite jewel tones. Together with three pleat sizes, it's like creating your window fashion from scratch. 
    Duette Architella Honeycomb Shades 

The Architella Collection from Duette honeycomb shades doubles nature's most perfect shape, the honeycomb, to create a revolutionary shade.

Style. Choose either the light-filtering semi-opaque fabrics or the room-darkening Eclipse fabric in one of two pleat sizes, the versatile 3/4" or the larger 1 1/4". 
    Provenance Woven Wood Shades 

There's something so magical about the light pouring through bamboo, reeds and grasses.

Discover how this can change the feeling of your home with Provenance woven wood shades. They combine traditional styling, natural materials and modern technology.

Style. Our shades are a unique blend of wood, reeds, grasses and bamboo. These exotic pairings of nature result in stunning combinations that filter the amount of light entering the room. 
    Country Woods Wood Blinds 

Here are wood blinds as they were meant to be. Natural, solid wood, Country Woods blinds are the finest quality wood blinds available anywhere.

These natural, organic materials create a warm and intimate mood.

Style. Country Woods blinds comes in four slat sizes in a striking range of wood species and finishes, from rustic to the elegance of fine furniture. 
    Chalet Woods Wood Blinds 

Chalet Woods blinds offer a complete, value-priced wood blinds selection.

Style. Chalet Woods blinds let you choose a full range of painted, stained or distressed finishes in the 2" or 2 1/2" slat size. 
    Everwood Collection Alternative Wood Blinds 

Now you can enjoy the look of fine wood blinds at a practical and affordable price.

The EverWood Collection of alternative wood blinds won't fade, yellow, warp or bow even in hot, humid conditions or direct sun, plus they are easy to care for and clean.

Style. EverWood Collection blinds come in classic 2" slats and elegant 2 1/2" beveled slats reminiscent of wood shutters. 

When first thinking about window treatments, consider the following:

1. Privacy and Safety
What level of privacy does each of your windows need? If safety is an issue with kids or pets, Hunter Douglas has the right type of cord or cordless operation to suit your needs. Think about the type of control you want on your window shade. Hunter Douglas offers a remote control to operate all of your window shades from anywhere in your house.

2. Energy Efficiency and UV Protection
While improving the look of your space, Hunter Douglas shades can also lower your energy bill by choosing the right type of shade for your energy needs. Hunter Douglas shades can help protect your upholstery and carpets since they have built-in UV protection.  Make sure you know what natural sun exposure your windows have. North light is cool. South light is warm and strong.East light lends to bright morning sun. West light is bright in the afternoon. Thinking about which way your windows face can help you make decisions based on energy efficiency, UV control, and the amount of light diffusion you need.

3. Design and Decor
Do you want a more contemporary or traditional style? Take into consideration style of your room and how you want your window treatments to fit into your decor. There are endless options for color and texture. If you have a arched, angular or cicular window, Hunter Douglas can make a shade to fit it. We are not limited to rectangular window shapes.